Thursday, June 25, 2009

Please Welcome Solomon Kleinsmith


Recently, I was back in my home town visiting with friends, and the subject of mobile technology came up.  I myself lack extended expertise in the subject, so I was talking to my friend Sol Kleinsmith, who I knew had a strong and growing interest in that area of technology.  Well, a few strong drinks later, we were examining his new Acer netbook and talking about the future of cell phones.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with his level of knowledge.  By the end of the night, I’d asked him to join this blog as a contributing writer on mobile technology, and he accepted.

During President Obama’s campaign, Solomon was a grassroots organizer for the state of Nebraska, running several political groups in Omaha.  During this time, he learned how to leverage technology to mobilize his groups and organize activities.  Since he worked mostly without an office, he learned very quickly which technologies work, and which aren’t worth the time.

I’m extremely glad to have Sol as a member and writer of Tux in the Midwest.  I think he’ll be able to fill in a huge gap here on the mobile technology front.  Please welcome Solomon Kleinsmith!!!

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  1. Could you have picked a grainier picture of me? haha

    Glad to be here... and the subject that really got that conversation going the night you invited me on here, the jaw dropping Zune HD that will becoming out in September, will be what I post about tonight after I get back from work and finish an assignment. It looks pretty rockin', I'm happy I talked to you about it before you might have gone out and got something from the current crop... will save the rest of my comments for the post :)