Thursday, April 23, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Recently, Microsoft has been pushing their own brand of mobile, “life style” software, which they package under the name of Windows Live.  The Windows Live system consists of a collection of web services and complimentary freely downloadable software for your Windows PC.

Typically not a huge believer in these sorts of service/software packages that post my information to the World Wide Weird, I’ve avoided Windows Live like the plague, that is, until I discovered Windows Live Writer.

When I think of Microsoft, I think of a huge company that is only interested in pushing their own products down the throats of unsuspecting (well now really, don’t we all know the game by now?) PC buyers all over the world.  So when I started reading about Live Writer, I was surprised at how non-Microsoft friendly their new PCs-Are-For-Everyone software is.

If you’re not sure exactly what Live Writer is, you’re probably not alone.  Basically, it’s blogging software.  Think of it as a very cut-down version of Microsoft Word that allows you to post directly to your blog using templates.  It allows you to quickly and easily insert content, such as pictures, movies, and maps into your blog, taking care of the tedious task of editing tags.  It also features inline spell-checking and offline draft editing.  In short, it’s making writing this post a lot easier.

And this blog is hosted by Blogger, which is a Google company, which brings me back to what I was referring to earlier.  Microsoft finally caught on to the idea that, if they can’t be your service provider, at least they can be the developer of the software that you use to take advantage of the service.  And as much as we hate to admit it, Microsoft does make some decent software.

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  1. I LOVE LIVE WRITER! it is a surprisingly great piece of software that is free from Microsoft (FROM MS? amazing, definitely!). Live Writer is what I use to type up blog posts on my blog (, and it makes things so much more streamlined and has great features (like the auto-linking features).

    we can all thank MS for this software...