Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dumb Stuff of the World

I'm inclined, given the state of affairs of certain aspects of my life, to make a list of dumb stuff going on in the world.

1. Managerial Misdirection. This is the practice of one manager using the employee of another manager to get work he doesn't want the first manager to know about. It is especially fun when you are the employee.

2. Hallway Hovering. I have a door. When it is closed, it means I am either busy or gone. Either way, I don't want to talk to you. Go away.

3. Employment Status Vagueness. This one goes out to all those who have been told they "don't need to worry about their job... yet. "

4. The Forced Upgrade. Why use the perfectly decent free solution when we can charge you to use ours?

There are lots more, but these are the ones plaguing me at the moment. Just needed to vent...

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