Friday, December 26, 2008

Nerf Wars

So this year, my parents decided to take it a little easier on the pocket book when it came to purchasing gifts. Being older, of course their children's tastes have grown more expensive, and with the economy being in the state it is, I understand why they would want to hold off on spending. So this year, the emphasis was on inexpensive fun.

I've got to say, they did good. Between the remote controlled car that drives on the wall and a Rubik's Cube electronic game that will keep me busy for hours, the haul this year, though low in price, rivals or beats any from the past few years.

My brothers got into the act as well, in classic form. They found Nerf.

For a mere $7, you can arm yourself with a Nerf six-shooter. This is not your momma's Nerf gun. This is a fully functional, fairly high-powered weapon. I was pretty amazed with how well it worked, especially in the heat of battle. And battle we did.

Here's the setup: 6 fighters on 2 teams, 6 guns, 36 bullets, 1 hallway and a handful of hiding places. Any hit is a kill. Bullets are live until they hit the ground, which means if a bullet glances off the wall and hits you, you're still dead. The hall is split in half, with teams confined to their half of the hall. The team left with a member standing at the end of the round wins. Teams are chosen at random at the beginning of the round, so there really isn't any sort of "team record", but that's ok, because, well, it's more fun than it sounds, and it sounds like a really good time.

We played for about two hours, which was a pretty good number of rounds. I recommend this to anybody who doesn't like to exercise, because it will wind you pretty good. It will also tear your jeans... well, maybe not yours, but it certainly did mine in. But it was completely worth the sacrifice.

So if you have an extra $7 lying around, I would highly recommend wasting it on a Nerf weapon. Good times were had by all.

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