Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remote Blogging

In order to give myself a better chance of actually sticking with this blogging thing, I thought I'd give a try to emailing my entries.

For being as into computers as I am, I've never really been that into the whole concept of "mobile computing". I have a Pocket PC (which I'm actually using to write this entry), but never really used it for anything other than a calendar, and even then didn't do too well. But, I'm proud to announce, I'm turning over a new leaf, and giving mobile computing a try.

As I said above, this entry is being written on a Pocket PC. Since I carry this thing with me everywhere, I will be able to write entries anywhere I go, which is great since my free time tends to take me away from computers. The downside, however, is that entering a blog this way takes quite a bit longer than with a traditional computer, especially if my handwriting gets sloppy. Which it does. All the time.

I've committed myself to at least one entry a day. I'm hoping being able to do them "remotely" will help me be able to live up to this commitment.

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