Friday, May 1, 2009

The New Firefox Goes Tab-less

A preview of a redesigned Firefox interface comes with a surprise.  Or lack of surprise.  Or perhaps what it lacks is surprising.  Well, anyway, it doesn’t have tabs.

According to, Oliver Reichenstein and Aza Raskin, feel that tabs might be falling by the wayside.  In a world where browsers are becoming the center of people’s computing universe, they feel that something more flexible is in order.  They envision a browser organized more like iTunes, with folders, libraries and bookmarks all organized on the side of the window, with large image icons showing screenshots of your favorite sites in real time.


  1. haven't heard about this, quite shocking. I really like the tab browsing and I would hate to see it go to an itunes like style. I doubt it will happen soon but as your article states change is coming. Pleople are and will more frequently be playing their games out of their browser, and the desktop and browser have become so interconnected they might as well be one.

    Ya, great blog here and a good read. I'll be following you for sure.

  2. damn.... how come?
    i'm comfortable with those tabs...
    hmmm... anyway.. maybe the other innovation they make would make it better.
    nice info sir! i follow u now..

  3. me to..i was using the firefox a long time...
    thank's for visit my 1st blog