Monday, May 11, 2009

NEWS: Cyberbullying really is a Bad Thing just posted a reprint of an article written by one of my all-time favorite pro-Bloggers, Helen A.S Popkin, that gives some interesting insight into why cyberbullying is so bad.  I mean, we know it's bad, but her article gives some real-world examples of the connection that can be made between cyberbullying and real-world, physical bullying.

I think it is easy for us adults to think of cyberbullying as "no big deal".  Our age has helped us grow thick skins, and we understand that those on the other end of mean texts, IM's, and emails are small-minded, and can easily be ignored and dismissed.  Kids, who aren't as emotionally developed as (most) adults, have a much harder time with this, and tend to take things harder, even if they don't give us any idea that they have.

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