Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tip: The Power of the Windows Key

I’m a keyboard person.  I’ve been this way since my dad started me on the BASIC programming language on the Apple IIe so many years ago.  No mouse, no tablets, no touch screen.  Just the good old keyboard.

Fast-forward 24 years, and I’m still the same way.  If there’s a way to do something without the mouse, I’m all over it.  So when I found out about Windows Key Combinations, needless to say, I was excited.

Wikipedia.org has a pretty comprehensive list of Windows Key combinations available here.  I’ve read through the list, and here are a few I think are extremely interesting or useful:

  • Windows Key + D : Show the Desktop
  • Windows Key + L : Lock the Computer
  • Windows Key + M : Minimize all windows
  • Windows Key + Shift + M : Restore all windows
  • Windows Key + R : Open the Run… dialog
  • Windows Key + Tab : Switch windows using Flip 3D (Vista Only)
  • Windows Key + Up : Maximize window (Windows 7)
  • Windows Key + Down : Minimize window (Windows 7)
  • Windows Key + Left or Right : Align window to respective side of the screen (Windows 7)

Using the list above, one can pretty much completely avoid using the mouse.  For a keyboard purist such as myself, this is heaven.


  1. Hello there. Very interesting keyboard tips for Windows. I myself never used them before (because I did not know them - well maybe a few), as I am a mouse person myself. What called my attention here is that you already have tips for Windows 7. Have you downloaded the RC version yet? Do you think it is worth the trouble? I have Vista and I'm fine with it:)


  2. Nice list!

    I use all of the hotkeys mentioned for Vista.. I could not live without them :)I would consider myself to be a keyboard/mouse person--- the computer experience would be a lot more painful without both. :D