Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NEWS: Technorati is all Blow'd Up

The blog search and ranking site Technorati is in the midst of a move right now, which means some of the site's major functionality is experiencing some problems.  According to Dorian Carroll, Technorati's Vice President of Engineering, they've been running for about a week with there server farm "split between the two colo facilities."  What this means for users is a little bit of rough seas when it comes to page loads and speed.

I myself have experienced some issues with my claimed blog not showing as claimed any more.  I'm chalking that up to being just some of the growing pains that are involved in moving over 100 servers from one location to another.  Having done a move of about 20 myself, and knowing what can go wrong even with as small a number as 20, I don't envy the guys and gals at Technorati.  Even in the best of situations, a move is tough to get exactly right.  And we all know that the best of situations is rare.

So be patient with Technorati, keep up to date on what's going on over there via their Support Blog, and keep writing your blog entries.  They'll be back up soon, and so will your Authority rating.

1 comment:

  1. really?technorati got some problem huh?
    anyway... i even forgot when did the last time i log in to technorati...hahaha...
    i'm a lil bit lazy with it...
    but i put technorati tags on my postings everytime :p